Baltimore Code Enforcement Guide from Strong City Baltimore and Baltimore Housing

Baltimore Code Enforcement

Information Is Just A Click Away

To keep residents and neighborhood associations informed about code enforcement, we have designed several web-based tools. To see them, visit our web site and click on “Housing Code Enforcement.”

How does Baltimore Housing look at the city?

  • Healthy Neighborhoods
  • CDCs


  • View violation notices: View all outstanding notices, by neighborhood or property.
  • Track cases: Check the status of cases that have been forwarded for prosecution and read any court order deadlines.
  • Search the Court Docket: Identify which properties are scheduled for court.


  • Find Your Housing Code Enforcement District Office and Superintendent: Look up contact information for your district office and superintendent by typing an address into our search tool at

Development issues:

  • Locate TEVO Properties: See which properties are included in the TEVO program (Targeted Enforcement toward Visible Outcomes). TEVO applies intensified code enforcement and legal action to the owners of over 6,000 vacant properties that lie on highly occupied blocks, where the rehab or sale of those properties will result in significant neighborhood improvements.

What should I do if I suspect work is being done in my neighborhood without a permit?

To check whether a permit exists on a specific property, visit our “Existing Permit Search”. You may anonymously report suspected unpermitted work by calling 311 or by submitting a request online after performing your search. One of our inspectors will follow-up on your request by visiting the worksite and determining whether an appropriate permit has been issued.

Source: Permit Handbook

Building, Fire, and Related Codes of Baltimore City - 2015 Edition

This BFR Codes Article (2015 Edition) comprises the following standards and codes, assupplemented, amended, or otherwise modified by the Mayor and City Council of Baltimore:

  • Maryland Building Performance Standards / January 2015
  • International Building Code / 2015
  • National Electrical Code / 2014
  • International Fuel Gas Code / 2015
  • International Mechanical Code / 2015
  • International Plumbing Code / 2015
  • International Property Maintenance Code / 2015
  • International Fire Code / 2015
  • International Energy Conservation Code / 2015
  • International Residential Code, 1- and 2- Family Dwellings / 2015
  • International Green Construction Code / 2012
  • International Swimming Pool and Spa Code / 2015