Personal Notes.

Alexander, W. “Personal Notes.” Afro-American (1893-1988); Baltimore, Md. March 12, 1904.


j Our Suffrage League-meeting held at Sharp Street Memorial Church, **d at Madison Street Presbyterian Church, have been gratifying and inspiring to the Board of Directors, and I take this opportunity to urge our our people, to make all future meetings express our indignation against Jim Crowism.

The mectiing next wreck is booked for Leadenhall Street Babtist Church South Baltimore, and we hope that the pastors in that section and our people generally throughout the city will see that the church n crowded.

Evidently, the enemies of the ram have it in their hearts tomake Many land the final, fighting ground -ci which their inhuman scheme is to be settled, and from which the system is to be applied in all parts of the United States.

In view of this fact, we mtisfiabn tribute every means at our command to defeat their purpose.

It is also gratifying to knowihaj many good, white people ofi Haiti i more are heart and soul with us il I this fight for life, liberty and, the pursuit of happiness. Some of tbei [ have I spoken out through the press and others have.- expresse j their approval of our- protest b : their letters to the President of the League, :■:>

We are, also, especially indebte to both branches of the Friends Association, who sent a strong pm j test to the Legislature.

! While in this cosSict let us kno j that it is our duty, to support erei i business enterprise conducted by oi people. Let us, also, withhold oi support from white men whcvcari on business, ana who are inleag j with the. gang that is doing all;’’ j heir power to- deprive us of oi I ivil and political right s.

W. M. Alexander,;-President;

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