Suggestions To Owners Of Vacant Dwellings

TENANT. “Suggestions To Owners Of Vacant Dwellings.” The Sun (1837-1988). August 7, 1916.

Suggestion To Owners Of Vacant Dwellings.

To the Editor of The Sun–Sir: The number of vacant dwellings in Baltimore city is a serious matter for the owners.

Dwellings that in past years were easily rented from $25 to $40 per month are now vacant–many of them for many months. People will sooner pay such rents in the suburbs than in the city. There is a remedy. Let a half a dozen owners come together and send out a call for other owners of such property to meet for consultation.

Let them agree to reduce the rents of their vacant homes to one-half for the next two years, payable in advance. Thousands of people would take advantage of this offer and move into the city to save rent. This suggestion in worthy of consideration.


Baltimore, Aug. 4