Won't Leave House: City Has Tenant Who Puts Officials In A Quandary.

“Won’t Leave House.” The Sun (1837-1991); Baltimore, Md. August 26, 1902.


City Has Tenant Who Puts Officials In A Quandary.

The case of a woman who has refused to vacate a condemned house which is owned by the city, having been bought in at a tax sale, and for which, it is alleged, she pays no rent, is worrying Building Inspector Preston, and yesterday he wrote the following letter to Acting Mayor Williams:

There are several condemned buildings in Webster court in such bad condition as to be liable to fall.

I complied with the law by posting same and all occupants have vacated except one in No. 706, which is owned by the city. There is a woman living in that house that, I have been told, is an eccentric or weak-minded person, who pays no rent and cannot be gotten out. For her to remain is too hazardous. I would like her to be put out immediately.

Acting Mayor Williams referred the matter to Secretary Grasty, of the Board of Supervisors of City Charities, who went to investigate. He found that the house is occupied by a Mrs. Etzel, who can speak nothing but German. A woman near by who has taken an interest in her, told Mr. Grasty that she is by no means feeble-minded, but thought that the notice to vacate might be a joke played by the boys of the neighborhood, who take a delight in annoying the poor woman by every means in their power just to see her angry and have her come out to scold them in German.

Mrs. Etzel’s friend told Mr. Grasty that she thought the woman would vacate when the necessity was explained to her, and Mr. Grasty will see about having her provided for.