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Read an image feature from Felt and use the rasterpic::rasterpic_img() function and a corresponding image URL or file path to create a SpatRaster object based on the feature geometry.


read_felt_raster(x, images = NULL, ..., col = NULL, crs = 3857)



If x is a Felt map URL, it is passed to read_felt() to create a data.frame of features with a "type" and "text" columns. If x is a data.frame, it is expected to be a data.frame created by reading a Felt map with read_felt() but could be a sf object with a type column that includes the value "Image" and (if images is named) a text column with matching text. Required.


A vector of image file paths or URLs with a "png", "jpeg/jpg", or "tiff/tif" file extension. images must be ordered to match the order of "Image" type features in the input data.frame x or have names that match the text column for x. If images is named, any "Image" features in x with text that does not match the names for images are excluded from the returned list. Defaults to NULL. Optional if col is provided.


Additional parameters passed to sf::read_sf().


If features in x contain an attribute with a file path or URL, set col as the name of the attribute column. col is ignored if images is provided. Defaults to NULL.


Coordinate reference system to return. Defaults to 3857.


If images is length 1, a SpatRaster object is returned. Otherwise, the function returns a list of SpatRaster objects of the same length as images.