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All functions

create_felt_layer() delete_felt_layer() read_felt_layers() update_felt_layer()
Read layers from a Felt map, delete a layer, or create a new layer
Emojis reference data
Get the user information associated with the default (or supplied) token
Get comments from a Felt map
Get Felt map data from the body of a map website
get_felt_style() update_felt_style()
Get Felt layer styles or update a layer style
is_felt_url() check_felt_url()
Is a object a Felt URL?
Read data from a Felt map
read_felt_map() get_felt_map() create_felt_map() delete_felt_map()
Read Felt map elements, create a Felt map from a URL, or delete a Felt map
Use rasterpic to create a SpatRaster object from a Felt map
set_felt_token() get_felt_token()
Set or get a Felt API personal access token