Fun A Day in January

Baltimore City

February 1, 2011

On New Year’s Day, I decided to join a group of friends in doing a Fun A Day project in January. The idea of Fun A Day is to “pick a project (take a photograph, make the bed, draw a picture, bake a cake, etc), do it every day in January*, then show your work the following month in a big group show.” I tried to take a picture of a historic building every day, I managed 25 out of 31. A few favorites from the last month–

Fun-A-Day 6 | 801 North Arlington Avenue, Baltimore, MD

Fun-A-Day 10 | 2782-2774 West North Avenue, Baltimore, MD

Fun-A-Day 12 | 10 West Preston Street, Baltimore, MD

Fun-A-Day 16 | Guard House, Fort McHenry, Baltimore, MD



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