Mapping Baltimore Deco (1984)

architectural history
Baltimore City

September 29, 2012

Detail of Baltimore Trust Company Building, 10 Light Street.

Similarly to Mid-century Modern architecture today, the appreciation of Art Deco architecture and design experienced a revival in the late 1970s. This revival included the successful effort of the Miami Design Preservation League (1976) to the listing of the Miami Art Deco District on the National Register of Historic Places in 1979 and the spread of grassroots Art Deco preservation organizations in cities across the United States from the Art Deco Society of New York (1980) to the Detroit Area Art Deco Society (1986) and the Art Deco Society of the Palm Beaches (1987).

Baltimore had its own Art Deco Society and, although the organization has not survived through the present, interest in the topic resulted in the 1984 publication of an architectural survey of Baltimore Deco architecture. Around a year ago, I spent an hour or two paging through a copy at the office and transcribed the list of featured buildings into a table, now (thanks to a bit of fooling with Google Fusion Tables) included here as a map:


Enjoy as an informal (and certainly incomplete) tour of 1930s Baltimore architecture. I’m hoping to return to this topic again soon for more research and discussion.

More Art Deco Societies



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