University City, Philadelphia


July 17, 2015

I spent a week in Philadelphia last month participating in a training on Historic Real Estate Finance from the National Development Council. The five-day course - organized by the National Trust for Historic Preservation with support from the 1776 Foundation - gave me an expanded understanding of how redevelopment projects are supported through a range of private and public investments.

One highlight of the week was a tour of the University City neighborhood (organized by Melissa Jest from the National Trust and led by local resident/developer Ryan Spack) where we learned about the reuse of a former bank building on Baltimore Avenue as the Mariposa Food Co-op and the Project Rehab program of the University City District. We also got to peek inside the Frank Furness designed former Saint Peter’s Church of Christ - a building that was narrowly saved from demolition early this year.

I uploaded a set of photographs from the training and tour to Flickr and included a few favorites below.

University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Mural, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Baltimore Avenue, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Row houses, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Vacant rowhouse, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Former St. Peter’s Church of Christ, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Former St. Peter’s Church of Christ, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania



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